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Geotab has 100's of integrated software that can be tailored to fit your business needs in one place. Live GPS Tracking, Smart Dashcam's, ELD Compliance, IFTA Reporting, Maintenance and much more.


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About Us

Geotab is 

A global leader in IoT and connected vehicles

Geotab  is advancing security, connecting commercial vehicles to the internet and providing web-based analytics to help customers better manage their fleets. Geotab  open platform and Marketplace allow both small and large businesses to automate operations by integrating vehicle data with their other data assets.

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Our Solutions 

Ice Truck

Fleet Tracking

GPS fleet tracking enables fleets to understand vehicle location and other fleet activities. For Geotab, fleet tracking includes much more than “dots on a map” and also includes many other focus areas such as driver safety, fleet compliance, vehicle emissions and vehicle health

Active Tracking

Geotab Drive ELD APP

Big Data

Engine Diagnostics