This is the ATS01-48 device. This solar powered GPS tracking device is designed to track any type of asset like trailers, trucks, containers, and heavy-duty construction equipment. The ATS01-48 is the ideal tracking device when you’re looking for rugged, durable, and solar powered tracker that can report frequently and for long periods of time. The ATS01-48 has a heavy-duty solar panel along with a backup battery that can last for months on its own. Easy installation with no wiring or cabling required.



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  • Features & Benefits

    • Variable reporting intervals for real-time updates several times per day.
    • Device can buffer up to 60,000 location points to store and forward when out of network coverage.
    • Automatically recharges itself in sunlight.
    • Rugged and weatherproof construction designed for the outdoors.
    • Rechargeable Li-Polymer 4800 mAh/3.7V battery that can last for months even without recharging.
    • Tamper Alerts sent if device is pulled off from asset.
    • Several mounting options including bolt, zip-tie, and magnetic mounts available.
    • Fully integrated into Geotab.